Ubud Village Trekking

This trekking program will be great explore of Ubud village history. The trekking will passing by local village rice field and valleys, this trekking program will need around 3 hours and passing by a beautiful landscape panorama. In this trekking the client also will learn about the history of Ubud village.

There is a two big rivers meeting in this village Oos River and Cerik River this twin river always used by the local villager as a place to purify it means clean their self from negative aura, and also a place for ritual worship their God of Danu (Goddess of prosperity)

Sunrise trekking

Mount Batur Trekking has long been one of the highlights of the active travelers’s trip to Bali, and Gede starting taking people up Mount Batur when he was just a child. The Mount Batur Sunrise Trek is one of our most popular tours for good reason.

Not only do you get to explore an active volcano and get up close and personal with one of Bali’s most sacred mountains, but you also get to experience spectacular views of the sun bursting onto the horizon in a riot of oranges and yellows and slowly spreading over the caldera and lake below.

Your adventure starts with a briefing at Bali Sunrise Villas, which is located at the foot of the mountain at 1,000 metres above sea level. After a quick pick-me-up of coffee and tea at the starting point, we’ll make our way up Mount Batur in the cool pre-dawn air under a blanket of stars.

The trek takes about one to two hours to reach the peak at 1,717 metres above sea level. Once you arrive at the highest point, it really feels as though you are on top of the world, as you can see the majestic peak of neighbouring Mount Abang hovering above the clouds, the distant cone of Mount Agung on the horizon, and the caldera lake spread out below.

At the top of the mountain we’ll soak up the beauty of the sunrise and refuel with a light breakfast of fruit and eggs boiled in volcanic steam. There will be plenty of time to relax and take photos of the sunrise and incredible scenery.

Then it’s off to explore the three younger craters and the most recent lava flows. As we make our way down we’ll take in the amazing volcanic landscape and might even come across a troop of mountain monkeys playing on the rocks. Finally we will arrive back at the Bali Sunrise Villas & Restaurant, where a driver will be waiting.

You can end your Batur Sunrise Tour here, but we highly suggest adding a visit to the natural hot springs to your itinerary. The hot springs are located just down the road from Bali Sunrise Villas, and they offer the perfect opportunity to soak those sore muscles in the volcanically heated pools or cool off in the cold freshwater pools.

Culture Trekking

Bali culture trekking is another adventure and challenging tour exploring the rainforest richness. Walking in the dense of tropical jungle and exploring its richness is an unforgettable experience.

You will find another side of Bali with not many people around. Also, dig in the richness of local culture in the surrounding area. Getting to know the flora, fauna, and also the local culture is a great outdoor activity.

The activity is basically a nature walk with interesting sight of the nature. The jungle trekking is another Bali Gadang adventure tour covering the area of Jungle Trekking.

During the journey, you will visit legendary and old temples in the jungle area. The temples are related to the local village where you can learn about the local culture, the forest, and its habitants.

Another destination to visit in the trekking you will passing by th Bukit and Valley also crossing the Ubud River a river that always used for adventures activities like Tubing Rafting and also the local Villager daily activities.

During the trekking, you will see lots of rare fauna and flora such as giant old trees and animals such as black giant squirrels, macaque, exotic birds, and more.

End of the trip you will had your lunch at the Balinese house compound in Bongkasa Village.

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