Water Sport

Water Ski is one of the exciting Water Sports and also favourite Marine Water Sports Activities in Bali Island. Furthermore, it is a fantastic marine sport activity gliding on the skiboard to explore blue seawater at Tanjung Benoa Beach, south part of Bali or east part Bali. This activity will bring you to a great experience with free run away on the seawater and pulled by the powerboat.

Moreover, this water ski will force your talent with great challenge to realize an unforgettable memory. As other activities on Water Sports, we will provide international standard safety equipment, professional boat rider and experience guide instructor will ensure your adventures safe as well as an enjoyable one. Therefore, there is no doubt to contact us to book Jarrak Travel and get the confirmation soon.

There are other fantastic activities on water sports such as Jet Ski, parasailing, banana boat, flying board, fly fish, snorkeling, diving as well as boat charter, however, Jarrak Travel will give your different of experiences on your lovely vacations in Bali. In addition, Jarrak Travel will take you the fun sensational by staying on board and pulled by a speed boat.

You will explore the beautiful beach of Bali island on a wonderful day of Paradise Island.


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