Rent Helicopter

  • Travel Flexibility

Helicopter charters offer a level of flexibility not typically found with fixed-wing aircraft.

The benefits of flying from point to point are often invaluable and cabins often feature seats that offer great comfort.

The flexibility of the helicopter is that it can be used for business purposes or transfers from the airport to a ski area, event or sports stadium.

  • Carter Helicopter Benefit

Cleverly designed and highly customization to meet a variety of individual needs, it supports access to remote areas and city centers, with the ability to land on helipads, hotels, and even private property, as long as there is sufficient space, making it the most flexible and suitable aircraft type.

to travel to remote, crowded, or difficult to reach destinations.

Helicopters also suit other market segments naturally, including medical evacuations and aerial photography operations.


Need a helicopter charter? Call us at +62 361 744 2538 or you can come directly to:


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